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produced by: bob hoag
artwork by: matthew skiff

photos by: andy hartmark

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🦇 Goth Rock Pioneers: Defining a Genre Calabrese quickly earned their stripes as pioneers of gothic rock and punk, seamlessly blending the aggression of punk rock with the haunting melodies of gothic rock. Their discography reads like a horror novel, with albums like “FLEE THE LIGHT” and “DEATH CULT” delivering spine-tingling tales wrapped in pulsating rhythms.

⚰️ Cult Following: A Global Fandom As their music spread like a shadowy contagion, Calabrese cultivated a devoted global fanbase. The band’s electrifying live performances became legendary, drawing fans into a world where every note is a step deeper into the unknown.

😈 Dark Discography: From the catchy anthems like “There Is No Heaven (Only Hell)” to the brooding ballad like “Be My Death Cult,” Calabrese’s discography is a journey through the shadows. Each album unfolds a new chapter, a sonic tapestry that explores the supernatural, the mysterious, and the uncharted realms of rock and roll.

SIMPLY PUT, Calabrese is a goth rock powerhouse, seamlessly merging dark melodies, pulsating rhythms, and occult themes to create a mesmerizing sonic journey into the realms of horror and the supernatural.

Raw, dark music: undead, blood and rock and roll.

Bobby Calabrese – Guitar/Vocals
Davey Calabrese – Drums
Argyle Goolsby – Bass